The B.A. programme at DLHS covers Foundation Courses, Discipline Specific Core Courses, Discipline Specific Elective Courses, Specialization Courses, Generic/ Open-Elective (O.E.) Courses, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC), Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC), Skill-Based and Value-Based Courses, Vocational Courses, Internships/ Projects, and 365体育投注/Dissertation.


The programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to equip students with the necessary theoretical understanding and extensive practical skills for effective and industry-ready multimedia storytelling. Allied streams such as Visual Studies, Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Language and Literature, Cyber Technology, Marketing, Public Policy, and Psychology are integrated into the programme to empower students with a sound grounding in various aspects of the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. The curriculum is designed to infuse sensitivity and critical thinking among the learners. Hands-on training is provided in various aspects of Digital Media, Mobile Media, Television, Radio, Print Media, and Cinema. Internships and Projects throughout the programme make the students industry proficient. A wide array of specialized courses including Digital Journalism, Digital Filmmaking, Digital Marketing, Broadcast Media, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Media and Entertainment Management are offered to facilitate employability. The programme incorporates an array of elective courses like Social Media Marketing; Sports Journalism; Science, Technology and Defence Reporting; Legal Journalism; Web Content Creation; OTT and New Media; Content Marketing and Management; Graphics and Visualization; Design Thinking, and many others. Advanced Courses like Immersive Media and Big Data for Journalism, Digital Newsroom Management, User Interface/ User Experience, Digital Media Entrepreneurship, etc. are offered as specializations in the Honours track.



Career Prospects

Print/Digital Journalism?– Reporter, Editor, Sub-Editor, Feature writer, Magazine Writer, Copy Writer, Technical Writer; Foreign Affairs, Business, Fashion, Lifestyle, Celebrity Journalists

Digital/Electronic Media – Radio/Television/New Media/Film?– Film Editor, Scriptwriter, Production Manager, Cinematographer, Photographer, Director of Photography, News Director, News Writer, Technical Director,?? Reporters, Editors, Television Producers, Copywriters, Creative writers, Media Relations Specialists, Content Writers, News Anchor, Content Creation, Content Managers, Web Development, E-newspapers, Technical Writer, Bloggers, Visual Effects, Advertising –? Account Executive; Copywriter; Art Director; Marketing 365体育投注er; Media Planner; Media Buyer, Creative Director,? Public Relations Specialist; Liaison Officer; marketing communications manager,?? Events Managers, Speechwriter; Technical writer; Lobbyist; Film Reviewer, Communication Education, 365体育投注s Communication Specialist

Public Relations/Corporate Communication?– Publicity Manager, Marketing Specialist, Press Information Officer, Lobbyists, Corporate Public Affairs Specialist, Account Executive, Media Analyst, Public Opinion 365体育投注er

In addition, there are a host of other career opportunities in Business, Government/Politics, High Technology Industries, the Health Sector, 365体育投注 Relations, Law, Environmental and Developmental organisations, NGOs, and, Science & Technology.

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 31 24

Jul ' 24

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Course Structure


04 Years (Bachelor of Arts with Honours)

03 Years (Bachelor of Arts)